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Countess Markievicz spent 4 months here in Cork City Gaol.
Photography by Barry McCarthy


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The 1869 Plan

In 1869 the Planning Department produced a report in connection with the gaol which read as follows:

The west wing of the governor’s house housed male prisoners, and the east wing housed the female prisoners. The smaller areas at each side of the governor’s house were used as staff quarters and prison offices. The small spur block on the eastern side housed the separation cells. The debtors portion (closed as such around 1868) was divided into two parts, (1) Pauper Debtors, (2) Gentlemen Debtors. It is possible that the Young Irelanders were housed in the gentlemen’s section.

In summer the prisoners were awakened by a loud bell at 5.45 a.m. and their cell doors were unlocked from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Sunday mornings, an extra hours sleep was permitted, but in winter, the unlocked period was reduced by two hours. In 1866 the two well loved chaplains were the Roman Catholic Priest, Rev. Charles O Connell, and the Scholarly Rev. Dr. W.C. Neligan, Church of Ireland. The hackney fare, from the railway to the gaol was nine old pence.


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