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Countess Markievicz spent 4 months here in Cork City Gaol.
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Thomas Bellew McManus

He was born in the town of Monaghan in the year of 1823, and became a very successful shipping agent in Liverpool. He returned to Ireland again in 1843 and joined the Young Ireland Movement. He was with John Blake Dillon and Smith O Brien at the engagement at Ballingarry in 1848, and was arrested on board a ship which was bound for the U.S.A. He was taken to the City Gaol in Sundays well and imprisoned there. He was sentenced to death for high treason, but the sentence was commuted to penal servitude for life, and he was transported to Van Diemen’s Land in 1849. He escaped from jail there and settled in San Francisco. He tried to resume his former business as a shipping agent but failed, and having spent his last years in poverty, he died in San Francisco on the 15th January, 1861. His body was brought to Ireland, and in Cove in the County Cork, a requiem mass was offered for the repose of his soul in the cathedral, but in Dublin, Cardinal Cullen refused to allow his remains to be placed in any of the churches in his archdiocese. He was laid to rest by torchlight in Glasnevin Cemetery on the evening of Sunday 10th November, 1861.

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