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Countess Markievicz spent 4 months here in Cork City Gaol.
Photography by Barry McCarthy


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Rules, Regulations and the Treadwheel

Prisoners were subjected to very stiff rules and regulations, and anyone who broke the law was severely punished. Part of the punishment was a trip to the yard outside, to do time on the Treadwheel. This was forty feet long, operated by five prisoners, working in shifts, usually twenty minutes at a time, but this depended on the speed of the prisoner using the Treadwheel. The ringing of the bell was the signal for the prisoner to take a break. The women prisoners were also able to knit, at the same time as they were doing time on the Treadwheel. In later years it was purely a form of punishment used in lieu of solitary confinement for hard labour prisoners. Prior to 1858 the Treadwheel was used to raise water, and grind flour. That same year some improvements took place in prison conditions-woollen suits were substituted for the old type coarse flax worn by male prisoners, and hot pipes warmed a number of cells. At a meeting of the Cork Corporation around that time, one of its members, Mr O Connor, stated that respectable residents of Sunday’s Well were appalled by the spectacle of common criminals being hanged publicly at the front of the Gaol. After much deliberation, executions were carried out only inside the prison yard.

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