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Countess Markievicz spent 4 months here in Cork City Gaol.
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Brian Dillon

Brian Dillon was born in the parish of Glanmire in 1830. Later on, his family moved to another house nearer to Cork City. It was from that house that Dillon was taken prisoner on the 15th September 1865, when, handcuffed, he was dragged to the police barracks. He was later taken to the Women’s Gaol and imprisoned there.

In December, Dillon and another Fenian, Lynch, were tried together in the dock in Cork Courthouse. Brian Dillon was sentenced to penal servitude. He was brought by train from Cork to Dublin and then thrown into Mountjoy Gaol. He spent nearly a month there before being transferred to Pentonville Prison in England.

Dillon became very ill in May 1866 and was moved to the hospital wing of Woking Convict Prison. This was to be his home for the next four and a half years.

In 1870 a commission was set up to investigate the Fenian prisoners and, on account of his bad health, Dillon was allowed home to Cork. In January 1871, he was transferred to Millbank Prison London and two weeks later on the 8th February he was set free.

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